Vintage Gibbard Solid Walnut Hutch

New Listing:

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a true vintage, heritage Gibbard Solid Walnut Hutch in mint condition, than this gorgeous hutch will truly inspire you.  Dated at approximately 75+ years old, this magnificent piece has been lovingly cared for over the decades.  It was one of Gibbard’s early collections and validates their quality and craftsmanship.  The detail of the cabinet’s design from top to bottom is exquisite with a warm, rich, satin tone walnut finish. The hutch comes with the original hardware and the Gibbard seal inside the cabinet. The cabinet is grooved for china dishes and the lower cabinet for storage. This timeless piece of Gibbard heritage is a one-of-a kind item measuring 40 in. wide, 14 ½ in. deep and 64 in. high. $400

Matching pieces sold separately:

  1. Dining table & 6 chairs
  2. Sideboard

To view this and other items for sale, visit our items for sale page

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