Vintage Victor Victrola Phonograph

New Listing:

You have the opportunity to own a rare find with this beautiful Victor Victrola VV-IX phonograph manufactured by Victor Victrola Talking Machine Co. Camden N.J. dated February 1904 in a solid mahogany cabinet in excellent condition.

The patent for this particular model ran 1897-1907. The crank, clips and felt are all original. The motor runs smoothly and quiet. The speakers are enclosed inside the cabinet doors, work well and the sound is good. It comes with 2 original books of 78rpm records (one listings record titles) and extra NOS randomly soft playing tone needles.

This unique, rare item measures 15 in. wide, 19 in. deep and 16 in. high. A bit of a scratch on the front cabinet that can be touched up with a stain-pen if so desired. A beautiful collectible to be enjoyed for many years to come. $350







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