Stunning Marbleline & Wrought Iron Wine Rack

New Listing:

This magnificent, patchwork marbleline and wrought iron wine rack is in mint condition. This impressive unit has a burnish, multi-tone finish with a hint of auburn on a beautifully designed scroll and curved frame. It comes in two parts, the serving counter and upper section. The upper section has felt feet protectors to prevent any scratching on the marble. The marble counter patchwork colour tones blend in seamlessly with the frame for a striking appearance.

There are three separate sections on the mounting, one for wine bottles, one for glasses and one for beverage books on the right side. This exceptionally study piece provides a dramatic look to any room  that requires an attention-getter. It measures 50 in. wide, 23 in. deep. The bottom height is 35 in. high, the top piece is 48 in. high for a total of 83 in high. This gorgeous piece offers a dramatic statement for any home décor. $300





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