Vintage Solid Cherry Accent Tables

New Listing:

A pair of vintage, solid cherry accent tables in excellent condition. These gorgeous tables were designed by Louis Calera & Co, manufacturer of exclusive living room tables, dating back to 1946-1950 in his woodworking factory in Newark, N.J. USA. Due to Newark riots and burglaries, the factory became uninsurable and had to close their doors in 1968.

These stunning tables have a royal green with speckled gold leather inserts in the center, point & curve design on the top, column style pedestal with 4 gracefully curved legs and brass claw feet. The finish on them is deep, rich and truly beautiful. A notable feature on the tables is the swing-clip mechanism underneath the tops, allow the tops to detach. Considering their age, they are in exceptional condition and worthy of a good home for both beauty and heritage. They measures approx. 27 in. square, 28 ½ in. high. A truly beautiful addition to any home décor. $300

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