Stunning Bookcase-Theater-Bar Sectional by Deilcraft!

New Listing:

A stunning 3 piece cocoa finished entertainment sectional  in mint condition. This beautiful unit was manufactured by Deilcraft, a leading Canadian home furnishing company since 1937 in Kitchener, Ontario.

The module comes with a bookcase, center cabinet and drop-down bar. The bookcase has three shelves and bottom cabinet for storage. The center unit has a pull out upper tray, middle compartment, lower drawer and bottom cabinet for added storage. It also has openings for electrical hookup for theater components. The drop down bar comes with interior mirrors, hanging wine glass rack and upper glass enclosure with an interior light for displaying your treasured items.  It also has a bottom cabinet for added storage. Everything comes with original brass handles. The two end cabinets’ measure 30 in. wide, 15 in. deep and 78 in. high. The Center unit measures 30 in. wide, 21 in. deep and 78 in. high. A beauty of a find $450



Sportcraft  Bar & Multi-Gaming Console!

Sportcraft  Bar & Multi-Gaming Console!

A spectacular bar and multi-gaming entertainment console in mint condition. This incredible multi-gaming console is manufactured by Sportcraft, a leader in the games and entertainment industry since 1926. This stunning unit is a solid wood with a Manchurian ash wood, cherry-toned finish, half-circle bar with a high polished brass foot rail on the front. The back of the bar has two recessed cabinets on each side for storage and a center section for holding wine bottles. The top of the unit comes off to reveal a reversible felt card table for Texas Hold’Em. Beneath this reversible top is another felt-lined Blackjack game. There is also a second felt-lined sectional that comes with this fantastic unit and sits on the top for playing roulette. This portion comes with a roulette wheel, dice and chip rake. It also has a curved design along the wood’s top for holding chips. It measures 56 in. wide, 22 in. deep and 43 in. high. This is the perfect console for a connoisseur of adult home gaming entertainment. Has been sold on Costco and eBay U.S. & British sites for over $500 U.S. dollars, but we’re offering this awesome unit at $500 Canadian! It will blow your friends away!

Stunning Marbleline & Wrought Iron Wine Rack

New Listing:

This magnificent, patchwork marbleline and wrought iron wine rack is in mint condition. This impressive unit has a burnish, multi-tone finish with a hint of auburn on a beautifully designed scroll and curved frame. It comes in two parts, the serving counter and upper section. The upper section has felt feet protectors to prevent any scratching on the marble. The marble counter patchwork colour tones blend in seamlessly with the frame for a striking appearance.

There are three separate sections on the mounting, one for wine bottles, one for glasses and one for beverage books on the right side. This exceptionally study piece provides a dramatic look to any room  that requires an attention-getter. It measures 50 in. wide, 23 in. deep. The bottom height is 35 in. high, the top piece is 48 in. high for a total of 83 in high. This gorgeous piece offers a dramatic statement for any home décor. $300